Armando Ramos

Invited Teaching Assistant

Generic Bio

Born in Porto (1978), he is attending a PhD programme in Science and Technology of the Arts in the area of Musical Informatics at the Portuguese Catholic University, where he is researching the interpretation, interaction and sonification of data from different sources with sound. He has a Master's degree in Sound Design and a degree in Sound and Image from the School of Arts of the same university. He also attended the Porto Jazz School where he studied Musical Training and Guitar, mainly in the electric section.
Over the years he has worked in Sound Design and Mixing for films and advertising. He also makes recordings for musical productions as a parallel activity to teaching, which has been his main focus since 2007, teaching different practical and theoretical components of the technical area of Sound, as a guest lecturer at the School of the Arts of the Portuguese Catholic University.
He was the creator and coordinator of the Professional Sound Technician Course at the Professional Institute of Advanced Technologies in Porto in 2007, and remained in office until 2017.

Research projects

  • Sonification of movement and neural signals in the context of hospital recovery
  • Sound Design

Areas of scientific interest

  • Data sonification
  • Sound Design
  • Sound Art
  • Music Production
  • Sound for Advertising, Radio, Audiovisual, Film and Video Games