Artistic Residencies

The School of Arts hosts Artist Residencies for the development of research and artistic work in the fields of Visual Arts, Cinema, New Media Art and Sound.

These initiatives fit into the idea of ​​the School as an Art Center, promoting contemporary creation and knowledge, in addition to the articulation between these and the different Study Programs offered, creating an environment of creative sharing and mutual contamination between resident artists and students.

There are 3 Artist Residency programs at the Escola das Artes:

  • InResidence, in cooperation with the Porto City Council. Alice Miceli, Letícia Ramos, Matthew C. Wilson and Rosângela Renno were the most recent residents in this area (2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024).
  • In cooperation with the Gulbenkian Foundation. Matías Piñeiro was the most recent resident in this area (2020)
  • CITAR Residency Programme. Every year, CITAR hosts a variety of filmmakers and artists for six-month or annual residencies as part of their artistic research (with the support of the FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia).

Applications are closed for all programs. For more information about opening programs, residencies and other opportunities, subscribe to our newsletter.

For questions about the possibility of participating in a residency, or for support in the construction, evaluation or development of artistic work, please contact


Residências Artísticas