Carlos Ruiz Carmona

Assistant Professor

Generic Bio

Director, researcher and teacher. PhD in Science and Technology of the Arts, specialising in Cinema and Audiovisual (documentary). Assistant Professor at the Portuguese Catholic University, Porto School of Arts and Researcher at CITAR. He coordinates the Cinema, Music, Sound and Language group at AIM (Association of Moving Image Researchers).

Research interests


  • The construction of film discourse.
  • Film criticism and history.
  • Technical and conceptual analysis of film discourse.
  • Narrative in the observational documentary.
  • The study of composition, cinematography, set design, acting and sound design for cinema.
  • New modes and forms of artistic representation in fiction, documentary and new hybrid formats present in contemporary cinematographic and audiovisual discourse.

Theses as supervisor
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Aesthetics and Depression in Lars von Trier’s Cinema

Carlos Ruiz Carmona (with Pereira Campos, M.). 2021. L'Atalante. Revista de estudios cinematográficos, 32, 177-192.
Depression in Lars von Trier’s cinema has been studied from a philosophical perspective, focusing on ethical and moral issues, and from a narrative point of view through a cultural and social contextualisation of the disease. This paper explores how von Trier represents depression through his filmic discourse. Is it possible to identify a specific stylistic pattern in his representation of depression? Is his treatment of the theme different in each film or has it remained consistent throughout his career? Can we assume that von Trier’s personal experience with depression informs his films’ aesthetics?