Final Project II

22 ECTS / Semestral / English, Portuguese

The curricular unit of Final Project II is divided into different modules with their specific competences that will also have a gradual evaluation. Throughout the semester, the student will go through different phases and will be accompanied by a coordinating professor and other professors who will complement certain specific skills. This CU continues the CU of Final Project I.

After finishing this unit, students will have acquired the following competencies:

a) Obtaining theoretical and practical knowledge in short fiction films’ production and directing.
b) Obtaining and developing specific knowledge in the field of post-production of image and sound design within the production of short fiction films.
c) Development of specific knowledge in short fiction films’ narrative through montage.
d) Obtaining knowledge about fiction films’ market: financing, festivals, distribution, pitching, television and other alternative routes for dissemination and exhibition.


Assistant Professor
Director, researcher and teacher. PhD in Science and Technology of the Arts, specialising in Cinema and Audiovisual (documentary). Assistant Professor at the…