Master's Degree

The Master in Cinema at is an advanced training in contemporary cinema, allowing students to develop their creative and technical skills based on individual projects.

Over the two years, students will be able to choose a specific focus of work - whether "classic" cinema, or installation projects - while being immersed in contemporary artistic thinking, challenged to understand the different modalities of images in motion and the ways in which cinema reflects on the world.

Tabu (2012), Miguel Gomes e O Som e a Fúria 

a. Characteristics

  • Mestrado centrado em desenvolvimento de projetos artísticos individuais
  • Acompanhamento tutorial com artistas e realizadores convidados
  • Instalações e equipamentos de cinema de qualidade profissional, incluindo captação, pós-produção de imagem e som
  • Uma oficina com condições para construção de elementos físicos para instalações
  • Um orçamento de produção para o projeto final, tanto de financiamento da Escola das Artes como do Instituto do Cinema e Audiovisual (ICA)

b. Main Objectives

  • Develop skills for the understanding, criticism and analysis of a cinematographic work and/or work that crosses between cinema and the visual arts.
  • Acquire an informed knowledge about contemporary cinema and its relationship with contemporary art.
  • Develop structured thinking about the great issues of contemporary time, which can be reflected in an artistic creation.
  • Understand the cinema space in the contemporary cultural context and the dynamics of artistic programming and curation.
  • Develop complex, technical and artistic skills in the field of cinema (direction, production, cinematography, script writing, art direction and post-production), as well as in its expanded field (installation).
  • Develop an artistic, conceptual and critical identity.

c. Professional Outlets

Film production, in one or more of its aspects:

  •      Directing
  •      Production
  •      Photography directing
  •      Sound design
  •      Post-production
  •      Scriptwriting

Artistic Production with a strong emphasis on moving image works;
Freelance Audiovisual Production, in its various components:

  •      image capture / photography direction
  •      image/sound post-production
  •      production

d. Schedule a Visit

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e. Scholarships and Social Support

Financial support applications are individually analyzed, according to the applicants' specific situation


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