Sound and Image

Undergraduate Program

The Program in Sound and Image offers students a wide range of career opportunities in various artistic areas.

First-year students are familiarized with the Programs' broad structure and various componentes. From the second year onwards, they are offered a varierity of optional courses that foster area-specific knowledge and skills, allowing for specialization.

The final year is centered around an Artistic Project, which allows students to test their ability to respond to briefings for projects in the audiovisual industry that cross the 4 areas of knowledge of this Program:  New Media Art,  Sound, Animation and Video

a. Characteristics

b. Main Objectives

Development of professional competences in different areas of artistic creation:

  • Video - directing, capturing and editing video for different purposes in the audiovisual industry (TV Studio, institutional, advertising, social networks, etc.)
  • Animation – animation cinema, 3D modeling and textures Digital arts – interactive installations, video game art
  • Audio – Capture, edit and mix sound for different purposes (Television, Film, Concert, Studio)
  • Develop theoretical and technological and practical exploration skills, as well as critical thinking about Art and Society.

c. Professional Outlets

Alumni have different profiles, including:

  • Entrepeneurs /company owners / independent professionals in the audiovisual field
  • Highly-skilled specialized Professionals in communication and advertising companies (television, radio, film production companies)
  • Professionals specialized in the promotion of shows and entertainment (video recording, live sound, event producers).
  • Producers and technicians in recording studios (studio production

The Employability Service organizes activities to contact companies and enter the job market.

Students and alumni enjoy special conditions in the use of the School's spaces and equipment, upon request for support and presentation of a project.

d. Schedule a Visit

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e. Scholarships and Social Support

Financial support applications are individually analyzed, according to the applicants' specific situation

g. Further Studies

The Degree in Sound and Image guarantees the development of the necessary skills to enter the job market. However, this training can be complemented through the advanced training offer of the Escola das Artes:


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