>>| - Explorations on Sound and New Media Art Conference

9-11 November

The conference will be presential

New media art expands the possibilities of artistic expression by harnessing the power of technology, intertwining sound, visuals, and interactivity into a seamless experience. It challenges our perceptions, blurs the boundaries between mediums, and invites us to explore the ever-evolving landscape of digital creativity.

>>| aims to dive deep into the realm of exploration in sound and new media art. Gathering artists, musicians, performers, scholars, and technologists, the event invites participants to embark on a thought-provoking journey, pushing the boundaries of sonic expression and multimedia experimentation.

In this inaugural edition we aim to celebrate the convergence of sound, new media and artistic expression, exploring a diverse range of innovative practices, theories, and approaches. Our goal is to foster meaningful discussions that critically examine traditional notions of art and push the boundaries of creativity.

•    Art and Technology
•    Creativity Theory
•    Electronic Music
•    Computer Music
•    Generative and Algorithmic Art
•    Human-Computer Interaction
•    Interactive Systems for Artistic Applications
•    New Media Art History
•    Digital Art and Culture
•    Digital Art Preservation
•    Virtual and Augmented Reality
•    Artificial Aesthetics  
•    Artificial Intelligence & Creativity  
•    Physical Computing and Tangible Interfaces  
•    Sound Art Performance  
•    Philosophy of Art & Computation  
•    Technology, Arts and Ethics  
•    Digital Art 




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