Program of Conferences, Exhibitions and Performances 2023

Stepping softly on the ground
16 FEB 2023 - 25 MAY 2023

This international program of conferences, exhibitions and performances has in the thought of the philosopher and activist Ailton Krenak its inspiration. Not only a tribute to the thinker, this program is a recognition of the subtle movement of admitting the urgency of these and other teachings, human and non-human, as possibilities of understanding and transforming our relationship with the Earth.

The program highlights the essential relevance of knowing different ways of walking through the world and the multiple modes of expression that originate from them. Therefore, directly and indirectly, this cycle responds from distinct geographical and disciplinary places (poetry, visual arts, music, philosophy, cinema, performance and literature) to the urgency of thinking about the relationship of the human with nature, but also with technology, art and with the current politics of representation and visibility.