Program of Conferences, Exhibitions and Performances 2023

Ellen Lima


Ellen Lima is an indigenous poet, writer and researcher of Wassu Cocal origin. She holds a Master of Arts degree and is currently doing her PhD in Comparative Modernities: Literatures, Arts and Cultures at the University of Minho. Published in 2021 "Ixé ygara voltando pra 'y'kûá", a book of poetry written in Portuguese and ancient Tupi. It integrates, among literary magazines and other collections, the work "Volta pra tua terra", an anthology of anti-fascist and anti-racist poets in Portugal. Her practice relates poetry, criticism, activism, lectures and essayistic writings.

She is also curator of this Program of Conferences, Exhibitions and Performances 2023, with the title "Stepping softly on the ground.



Emerging from the intersection between multi-disciplinary material practices and cross-contamination of sonic processes, Permafrost instances a series of analytical and invasive tactics, mistakenly grounded in forensic methodology. As an active research/operation, it roams the liminal space between life and death in an obsession for mapping interstitial zones where organic and anorganic co-conspire. Using electro-mechanical probes, a series of sonic autopsies will be performed in refrigeration units - time machines dedicated to the suspension of putrefaction. Based on an instrumentation of exhumation as a mode of access, this sub-Cartesian navigation program probes vectors of putrefaction, tunes itself to underlying frequencies of matter, catalyses the collision of spectral debris and conspires against material practices.



João Polido is a musician and artist, currently living in Lisbon. From the material and technological properties of sound – and its relational and immaterial dimension – his work probes questions of language, archive, cultural memory, and intersections between histories of music and politics. Aside from performing music, his work has taken the shape of sound pieces in both visual and sound installations, mixes and lectures.



Filmmaker, member of the Kuikuro indigenous village, currently living in the Ipatse village in the Xingu Indigenous Park. Takumã is nationally and internationally recognized for his films, having been awarded by festivals: Gramado Festival, Brasilia Festival of Brazilian Cinema, Olhar de Cinema, Bahia International Film Journey, Ethnographic Documentary Film Festival, Presence Autochtone de Terres em Vue Festival. In 2017, he received the honorary award "Fellow of Queen Mary University London". He was, in 2019, the first indigenous juror of the Brazilian Film Festival of Brasilia, 2022. He is the creator of the 1 festival of Indigenous Cinema and Culture FeCCI 2022.

Luca Argel


Luca Argel (Rio de Janeiro, 1988), has a degree in music by UNIRIO and a master in literature by the University of Porto. He is vocalist and composer of the groups "Samba Sem Fronteiras", "Orquestra Bamba Social" and "Ruído Vário", the latter in partnership with the singer Ana Deus, about poems set to music by Fernando Pessoa. He has poetry books published in Brazil, Spain and Portugal, one of which was a semi-finalist for the Oceans Prize 2017. He writes radio rubrics and soundtracks for dance and cinema. Has five albums released, the last two "Samba de Guerrilha" and "Sabina" are results of a continued research on history, politics, and their relations with popular music.


Trudruá Dorrico


Trudruá Dorrico belongs to the Macuxi people. PhD in Theory of Literature from PUCRS. Master in Literary Studies and a degree in Portuguese Literature from UNIR. She is a poet, writer, lecturer and researcher of indigenous literature. She won 1st place in the Tamoios/FNLIJ/UKA contest for New Indigenous Writers in 2019. Administrator of the profile @leiamulheresindigenas on Instagram and the YouTube channel Contemporary Indigenous Literature. Curator of the I Indigenous Literature Exhibition at the Museum of the Indian (UFU). Author of the book "Eu sou macuxi e outras histórias" (Caos e Letras, 2019). Curator of FeCCi (2022).

Uyra Sodoma


merson is an indigenous visual artist. Uyra Sodoma graduated in Biology and is a Master in Ecology, he also works in art education in riverside communities. He lives in Manaus, an industrial territory in the middle of central Amazonia, where he transforms himself to live Uýra, a manifestation in animal and plant flesh that moves for exposure and healing of colonial systemic diseases. Through organic elements, using the body as a support, he embodies this tree that walks and crosses hislines in photoperformance and performance. Heis interested in the living systems and their violations, and from the perspective of diversity, dissidence, functioning and adaptation, (re)tells natural stories of enchantment and crossings existing in the forest-city landscape.

Elena Lopez Riera


Elena Lopez Riera is one of today's most promising Spanish filmmakers. She began by teaching Comparative Literature at the University of Geneva and Carlos III University in Madrid, following a PhD in Audiovisual Communication. In 2015, she made her debut with the short film, "Pueblo", with passage in the Directors' Fortnight at the Cannes Film Festival. This was followed by "Las Vísceras" (2016) and "Los Que Desean" (2018), the latter having won several awards, including at the Locarno and Vila do Conde Festivals. In 2017, she was selected for the Berlinale Talent Campus. In 2019, she had her first solo exhibition, at the Domium Art Center in Salamanca. She currently teaches at HEAD (Genève, Haute école d'art et de design.). In 2022, she made her feature film debut "El Agua", a work that has been highly acclaimed by international critics.

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