Alexandra Balona

Invited Teaching Assistant

Generic Bio

Researcher and curator based in Porto. She has a degree in Architecture (FAUP) and is a PhD candidate in Culture Studies at the European Graduate School & Lisbon Consortium.

She is co-founder of PROSPECTIONS for Art, Education and Knowledge Production and a member of Rampa's programming team.
She is co-curator of Citizens of the Cosmos, an exhibition by Anton Vidokle, as part of the Future Past Imaginaries project, which includes the participation of Ece Canli, Alice dos Reis and Mariana Vilanova; co-curator of An Elephant in the Crystal Palace (Galeria Municipal Porto, 2021). She was the curator of Abertura, Impureza e Intensidade. Olhares em torno da obra coreográfica de Marlene Monteiro Freitas (Teatro Municipal do Porto, 2020), co-curator of Metabolic Rifts (Museu de Serralves and Teatro Municipal do Porto, 2017-2018), co-editor of Metabolic Rifts: Reader (2019) and An Untimely Book (2018). She writes about the performing arts for Público newspaper and publishes in magazines such as Contemporânea and Art Press.