School of Arts productions selected for FEST 2024

Monday, May 6, 2024 - 18:31

The films by alumni Francisca Dores, Francisco Noronha and Leonor Faria Henriques, created within the framework of the Cinema Master and the Sound and Image Master - Animation respectively, have been chosen for the International Film Festival FEST - New Directors New Films Festival.

Francisca Dores' experimental short film Cure shot on 16mm film, delves into the materiality and suspension of images captured from a fragment of a resin sculpture housing small eucalyptus branches preserved since 1997. These images intertwine with the tumultuous "Cure," a composition characterized by piercing frequencies and conflicting beats, finding harmony within the realm of psychoacoustics. The project emerged from a 16mm filmmaking workshop organized for the Cinema Master by the production company Rua Escura and the Escola das Artes, with André Gil Mata and Frederico Lobo serving as tutors.
The film will be screened in the National Competition - National Grand Prix category, dedicated to Portuguese productions.

Leonor Faria Henriques' animated film My House Has Many Windows explores the theme of loneliness, particularly aimed at children aged 6 to 11. It delves into strategies for conveying and coping with feelings of isolation, establishing a connection with the pandemic situation and its impact on the lives of confined and isolated children. This project was developed within the framework of the Master's Degree in Sound and Image, with a specialization in Animation, under the guidance of Professor Sahra Kunz.
The film will be featured in the FESTinha Competition section, within the Under 10 category, designed for children and young audiences.

Francisco Noronha's short film The Projected Girl follows Teresa's internal conflict over her romantic relationships. The project was supervised by professor Diogo Costa Amarante and director Marco Martins, and was also realised in the context of the Cinema Master at the School of Arts.
The film will be screened in the NEXXT Academic Competition, dedicated to student and emergent directors.

For further details, visit the festival's website.

CURA - Francisca Dores

Experimental documentary, 4 minutes.

In the microcosm encapsulated within a fragment of a resin sculpture, we witness the presence of fossilized eucalyptus leaves. This still life, suspended in what appears to be a spectral world-image, undergoes demystification amidst the tumultuous soundscape of "Cura".

My House Has Many Windows
Animation, 5 minutes

My House Has Many Windows unfolds as a series chronicling the adventures of little Lulu within her expansive abode. In each episode, Lulu faces challenges set forth by her father, the building's doorman, compelling her to assist him with various tasks. Amidst her chores, Lulu encounters new neighbors, each offering insight into their experiences of loneliness.

Francisco Noronha - Rapariga Projectadda

The Projected Girl
Fiction, 28 minutes.

Teresa is a surfer who lives a full love life until the day when, using an app that allows surfers to analyze the state of the sea in real-time, she realizes that something strange is happening on the beach. Intrigued by what she sees in the images, Teresa is faced with a decision that has been on hold for too long. At the same time, she realizes how she might not accept for others what she claims for herself…

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