PNC 2023: EA Professor presents Insert Project

Thursday, November 9, 2023 - 13:36
At the end of October, the National Film Plan 2023 promoted another short-term action, bringing together hundreds of teachers through a virtual meeting, which had a teacher from School of Arts as a special guest.
Pedro Alves - insert
The event, entitled "TAKE 9 - Let's talk about Cinema? A Film Literacy Project for Schools - INSERT," was led by Pedro Alves, Professor at the School of Arts of the Portuguese Catholic University in Porto.

The main focus of the initiative was the INSERT project, a digital film literacy strategy, based on an articulated set of online resources (20 tutorial videos and 1 pedagogical notebook on film theory and practice, aimed at educational contexts).

The objectives of the initiative are as follows:

- To promote film literacy in educational contexts.
- To explore the potential of film enjoyment and deepen reflection on film analysis.
- To disseminate a set of pedagogical resources related to film theory and practice.
- To bring educational communities closer to research in Film Studies and Cinema, stimulating and deepening a network of sharing with a view to disseminating a culture of cinephilia.

The event was opened by Elsa Mendes, National Coordinator of the PNC. Pedro Alves then presented the INSERT Project, a project developed by the Escola das Artes - Universidade Católica - Porto, with the support of the FCT and the partnership of the Plano Nacional de Cinema. The professor presented the INSERT Pedagogical Manual, which develops the content of the videos and references readings, films and pedagogical activities for each of the themes covered, as well as proposing tools. At the end, there was also a time for debate, allowing participants to share experiences and clarify doubts.

The video of the meeting is available here.

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