Undergraduate Program

The Undergratuate Program in Cinema at the School of Arts offers differentiated training in the field of cinematographic production. Its main objective is to prepare studantes for a relevant career in the field of cinema and the arts, forming artistic and creative professionals while developing critical thinking

This is done through an innovative project-based teaching model, where  different stages and roles (pre-production, script writing, photography direction, art direction, actors direction, production, sound and image post-production, and, of course, directing) are approached through artistic, technical and technological prisms.

Faculty's profiles are varied, composed not only of theoretical and practical academics, but also of nationally and internationally renowned professionals, artists and filmmakers, who guide students through their projects.

a. Characteristics

  • Focus on the development of projects, in groups, allowing the acquisition of different artistic and technical skills of cinema: documentary, fiction, experimental, film-essay, among others.
  • Technical and artistic support with directors and professionals from different areas of cinema
  • State of the art facilities and equipment
  • Production budget for the final project.

b. Main Objectives

  • Acquire technical and artistic knowledge of the pre-production, production and post-production process of an audiovisual work.
  • Develop technical and artistic skills in the areas of direction, production, script, cinematography, script, sound direction, art direction, editing and post-production.
  • Develop knowledge and aesthetic skills for the creation of an audiovisual work.
  • Acquire and develop knowledge about the cinematographic and artistic market, its distribution and marketing.
  • Critically understand the history of art and cinema as a way of sustaining an informed visual culture.
  • Develop skills for the criticism and analysis of cinematographic works.
  • Acquire informed knowledge about different genres, styles and cinematographies and their interconnection with practice.
  • Develop structured thinking about the great questions of history and human thought, which can be reflected in an audiovisual creation.

c. Professional Outlets

Film production, in one or more of its areas:

  • Directing
  • Production
  • Scriptwriting
  • Photography Direction
  • Sound Design
  • Editing
  • Post-Production


Artistic Production with a strong emphasis on moving image works;

Audiovisual production in the various areas described above and in institutional, corporate, advertising, television or music videos



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e. Scholarships and Social Support

Financial support applications are individually analyzed, according to the applicants' specific situation

g. Further Studies

The Master in Cinema is an advanced training in contemporary cinema, deepening the technical and creative skills developed throughout the Degree. It allows choosing a specific focus of work, within the area, with the realization of author projects. The course is concluded with the completion of a final project, a theoretical dissertation or a curricular internship.

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