Art, Conservation and Restoration

Undergraduate Program

The Undergraduate Program in Conservation and Restoration offers a solid theoretical-practical training, dedicated to the preservation of art and heritage, providing students with a multidisciplinary vision that crosses knowledge of the arts and exact sciences.

The ability to work in different contexts- workshops, in situ, laboratories -  is emphasized, in order to promote the multidisciplinary skills and adaptability necessary in this field of activity.

The skills developed throughout this Degree allow entry into the job market, namely through the understanding of artistic techniques, composition and behavior of materials, assessment of their degradation and ability to carry out the most appropriate treatments for their conservation.

a. Characteristics

  • Participation in workshops, master classes and other advanced training actions promoted by the School, under advantageous conditions
  • Proximity and privileged access to the Conservation and Restoration Center, where students can intern and with which many alumni collaborate regularly.
  • Proximity work with ancient and contemporary artistic and cultural heritage.
  • Development of technical-motor skills: manual dexterity, visual acuity and motor coordination
  • Development of transversal skills: problem solving, teamwork, research and organization

b. Main Objectives

  • Understand artistic techniques, composition and behavior of materials
  • Know the degradation processes and phases and perform the most appropriate treatments for the conservation of different works
  • Be able to work as a team to solve problems related to the conservation and restoration of works of art Identify the historical, technical and cultural framework of artistic objects and heritage
  • Carry out diagnostic tests to identify works and evaluate intervention techniques

c. Professional Outlets

  • Cultural institutions such as museums, galleries, archives, libraries and foundations that have workshops, conservation and restoration laboratories or that develop preventive conservation programs.
  • Private conservation and restoration companies.
  • Multidisciplinary teams, in the rehabilitation of built and integrated heritage and in interventions for the preservation of ancient and contemporary art and heritage.

d. Schedule a Visit

Joana Silva
Tel: 935 370 331

e. Scholarships and Social Support

Financial support applications are individually analyzed, according to the applicants' specific situation

g. ​Further Studies

  • The Undergraduate Program guarantees the development of the necessary skills to enter the job market, allowing you to work under the supervision of a conservator-restorer who has an academic degree equal to or higher than a master's degree.
  • To access more advanced opportunities, we advise you to complement and deepen your training, through the Master in Conservation and Restoration,
    which confers a specialization that allows the entry into professional life, in an autonomous and individual way.


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