It wasn't Cabral

Porto Summer School on Art & Cinema 2024

Porto Summer School on Art & Cinema 2024 - Theme

It wasn't Cabral

"teacher, I'm sorry
but I'm going to talk
this year at school
things are going to change
nothing against you
don't get me wrong
who discovered Brazil
it wasn't Cabral."
MC Carol

Culminating the annual programme of conferences, concerts, exhibitions and performances, the Summer School returns to the School of Arts in June 2024. Each year, the programme is aligned around an emerging theme in our contemporary world. If in previous years our attention has been focused on thinking about how to "tread softly on the earth" (Ailton Krenak), the relationship between "Art / Thought / Sound" or exploring the multiplicity of intersections and contaminations between "Art and Science", in 2024 it will be on thinking about the omissions and silences that stories maintain. The title is inspired by a song by MC Carol in which the singer, in a poetic gesture, draws attention to the need to change the historical narrative of the construction of Brazil.