Study and Documentation of Contemporary Art

Postgraduate Degree

Contemporary art as a means of expression and communication is a heterogeneous, complex and diverse field that either reinvents and challenges the materialities of the past or calls for new practices, techniques and materials, incorporating and questioning the rapid technological advance of recent decades. Therefore, it is essential to develop and implement methodologies that allow a technical approach in the interpretation of its discourse, as well as the understanding and study of the dynamics between the intention and its materialization.

As a result, there is a clear need to assess and establish a link between the different actors, their roles and interactions. In this context, the decision-making processes regarding the perpetuation of the work of art is not always evident, so it is extremely important to acquire technical skills that allow the understanding of the contemporary work in its entirety; and that this converges in a coherent documentation in face of its material or immaterial valences.

This Program aims to bring the student closer to the various dimensions that make up a contemporary work of art, allowing the application of techniques and the development of specific tools for the documentation process.

a. Characteristics

  • The only training program of the sort, nationally.
  • Theoretical-practical approach to the study and documentation of contemporary art.
  • Articulation with the Master's in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Assets and with the Post-Graduation in Curation and Art Markets, with which they share some curricular units, thus promoting a unique interdisciplinarity.
  • Participation of several guests who, through specialized seminars, complement the training through contact with the professional reality.
  • Link to city institutions, which can be deepened with examples and documentation practices.
  • Partnership with the Serralves Foundation and the Centro de Arte Oliva.

b. Principais objetivos

The Program aims to systematize and offer a generic approach to the technical, material and conceptual diversity of contemporary art, through training with a theoretical-practical nature with analysis of case studies, contact with the different realities and actors and documentation practices.

  •      Develop a solid base of technical and material knowledge associated with the creation process.
  •      Strengthen interpretive capacity in technical/material and conceptual aspects.
  •      Develop the analysis of the different typologies of contemporary artistic creation.
  •      Apply documentation methods and techniques.
  •      Establish links between the various participants participating in the documentation process.
  •      Develop the ability to work in interdisciplinary teams.

c. Competences

  • Establish relationships based on the experience of several specialists and professionals from the various areas related to contemporary art
  • Offer training that exposes the dynamics and diversity of the creative context and the respective implications of study and documentation
  • Train specialists through a theoretical-practical approach that helps to deepen technical, material and conceptual knowledge
  • Provide tools that provide the correct choice of documentation methods and techniques consistent with the different realities of contemporary art
  • Create dynamic and interdisciplinary training through the involvement of various stakeholders
  • Provide specialized training that will enable the student to perform technical functions in public or private institutions that hold contemporary art collections.
  • Promoting lifelong training among professionals.

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