Ana Vaz

Lic. Cinema 2018, 2022

Generic Bio

Ana Vaz (1986, Brasilia) is an artist and filmmaker whose films, installations and performances build relationships between environments, territories and hybrid histories, pushing the boundaries of our perception. From the collage of found or filmed materials, her films combine ethnography and speculation to explore the frictions and fictions imprinted on both cultivated and wild environments and their multiple inhabitants.

His films have been screened internationally at film festivals and institutions such as the Berlinale, Tate Modern, Palais de Tokyo, New York Film Festival, TIFF Wavelengths, Rotterdam Film Festival, BFI, CPH:DOX, Cinéma du Réel, TABAKALERA, Courtisane, Videobrasi, among others. Specific focuses in his work have been developed in seminars and institutions such as the Flaherty Seminar (USA), Doc's Kingdom (Portugal), Lux Salon (UK), Short Circuit Film Festival (Spain) and Massart Film Society (USA). Her work has also been presented in solo and group exhibitions, such as the Moscow Biennial of Young Art (Russia), Dhaka Art Summit (Bangladesh), Khiasma (France), Rosa Brux (Belgium) and Temporary Gallery (Germany).

She is also a founding member of the COYOTE collective, together with Tristan Bera, Nuno da Luz, Elida Hoëg and Clémence Seurat, an interdisciplinary group working in the fields of ecology, ethnology and political science through a series of transversal platforms.