EA director takes part in 16th International Congress of Aesthetics Brazil

Tuesday, November 7, 2023 - 11:15
Nuno Crespo Brasil
Nuno Crespo, Director of School of Arts, is the keynote speaker at the largest aesthetics conference in South America, as part of the debate on the notion of frontiers in aesthetics, to be held between November 6 and 11 at the Fluminense Federal University.
The International Congress of Aesthetics Brazil, the largest event in the field in the country, will host research that addresses the main theme, in its complexity and multiplicity of perspectives - The Frontiers of Aesthetics.
On November 8, Nuno Crespo will begin the dialog with "The strategy of combat: art criticism facing its end", at 10am, in the P Block Auditorium.

More details about the Congress here.