Public Art as a Bridge Over Troubled Places

International Conference

Dominik Lejman
Born in 1969. He graduated from Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk and the Royal College of Art in London. Lejman combines painting with video projections, creates video murals and large-scale projection works. He has had numerous solo exhibitions, as well as he is the author of many public projects (e.g. permanent installations at the hospitals in New York and Cleveland). He has also participated in many group exhibitions, e.g. in 2004 Venice Architecture Biennial, 'Sanguine' at Fondazione Prada (2019) among others. His last retrospective solo exhibition 'Air Wants to Go' took place at OP ENHEIM in Wrocław in 2020. Also currently his solo exhibiton 'Lunatics' is featured as a representation of the Madnicity Pavilion at San Servolo, during the 59th Venice Biennale 2022.
His works can be found in the renowned public collections as the Centre for Contemporary Art Zamek Ujazdowski in Warsaw, Muzeum Sztuki in Lódź, Bremen Kunsthalle, also variety of public spaces like Cleveland Clinic collection, as well as in many private collections. A laureate of Polish and international awards, e.g. the Paszport Polityki Award (2001) and Berlin Art Prize (2018). Professor doctor Lejman currently holds the position of the II Painting Studio course director at the University of Arts in Poznań, Poland. He lives and works in Poznań and Berlin. 


Resisting the Surface
Resisting Surface reflects upon the artist's personal understanding of public art as the surface of augmentation, where the position of a 'painter' claims its
right to remain 'superficial'.
The site-specificity in Lejman's work draws attention to the viewer's perception of public space with his/her personal/spatial relation to the actual surface of the projection, rather than only to the projected footage.
Described as video-murals, Lejman's projections serve the function of the social/political lens, contextualizing the site, rather than claiming the hermetic importance of the work itself.
In Lejman's presentation, the strategic rejection of immersive depth comes from the experience of a practitioner rather than theoretician. In his talk, this specific perspective will be supported by the overall presentation of his major projects realized in the public spaces during the past two decades.



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