Technologies in Creative Practices

6 ECTS / Semestral / English, Portuguese
General Objectives:

To provide students with general and specific knowledge about the role of new Digital technologies in the different stages of the Creative Industries value chain.

Skills to be acquired:

a) Recognise the impact of digital technologies on the creative cycle;
b) Relate the concepts of Non-linearity, Accessibility, Scalability and Ubiquity in the Digital creative paradigm;
c) Come into contact with various creative and cultural projects that incorporate digital technologies;
d) Recognise how the concept of Immersion is enhanced by Digital Technologies;
e) Recognise the impact of digital technologies on entrepreneurial dynamics;
f) Understand human-machine interaction models;
g) Understand the models and means of interactivity;
h) Know the concept of interface and how it enables a better understanding of today's digital culture.


Assistant Professor
Coordination of Citar's participation in the CHIC project - Cooperative Holistic view on Internet and Content, POCI-01-0247-FEDER-024498, 2017-2020