Interdisciplinary Seminar

5 ECTS / 2º Semetre / English, Portuguese

Interdisciplinary Seminar aims to provide, over several weeks, contact with authors, specialists and works from the different branches of specialization of the Master's in Sound and Image.

This approach to various perspectives, understandings and artistic practices by important figures from the national and international scene aims to provide the student with broader horizons of understanding, references and reflection regarding their vision and practice of the Arts.

In this sense, the main objectives of the course are:

  •     To provide contact with figures, works and important references for contemporary artistic and audiovisual practice and thinking.
  •     Stimulate discussion and critical reflection on methodologies, processes and research (theoretical-practical) in the field of science and technology of the arts.
  •     Develop in students a solid and articulated corpus of ideas and perspectives, in the sense of affirming an authorship, artistic identity and critical positioning in relation to the sessions and contents presented.


Invited Assistant Professor
Relevant Publications: Journal Article Gomes, José Alberto; Nuno Peixoto de Pinho; Filipe Lopes…
Invited Teaching Assistant