Art, Culture and Creative Industries

8 ECTS / Semestral / English, Portuguese


a) Characterise the context of cultural production today in the light of the renewal and broadening of the concepts of culture and art.
b) Recognise the scope of the concept of culture, its principles and its applicability to various branches of knowledge.
c) To situate and characterise the emergence and development of the concepts of cultural and creative industries and those that stem from them.
d) To be familiar with reference documents and studies in the field of creative industries.
e) Acquire critical thinking skills in relation to the concepts of culture, cultural and creative industries.
f) Acquire a critical ability to analyse the value of culture and the power of economic language in the field of culture.

At the end of the curricular unit, master's students should be able to:

a) Discuss the concepts of art, culture and the creative industries.
b) Identify reference authors, documents and studies in the field.
c) Contribute to the programming of cultural activities in various fields and participate in their development.
d) Contribute to the renewal and reconversion of creative projects through innovative ideas, based on knowledge of the uses of culture today.


Assistant Professor
Research projects Cinema, Heritage and Memory (CIPAM) Complete Works of Guerra Junqueiro (21 vol.)
Assistant Professor
Relevant publications Castro, Laura. 2020. An exhibition and case study of the first private museum in Portugal—João Allen…