Aesthetics and Digital Art Ecology

5 ECTS / Semester / English, Portuguese

By the end of the CU, students should be able to:

a) Understand the specificity of different Digital Arts in their aesthetic expression;
b) Identify, compare and analyze different forms of expression in each medium through aesthetic perspectives;
c) Reflect critically and independently on artefacts created in different media, framing them in the questions and inquiries raised in this CU;
d) Demonstrate ability to research and write about aesthetic elements of digital artistic artefacts using specific language, comparing and contrasting different approaches of each mode of expression or artefact analyzed;
e) Understand the ecology of Digital Arts in its technological, presentation, content, and audience enjoyment elements;
f) Demonstrate the ability to research and write about the genesis and evolution of different media arts, maintaining the global perspective of their ecology and context.