Centro de Criatividade Digital

The Centre for Digital Creativity (CCD) is a centre of competence and creative excellence with an infrastructure equipped with state-of-the-art technology in the areas of Digital and Interactive Arts, Computer Music, Sound Design, Audiovisual and Cinematographic Arts and Computer Animation. Recognised by the FCT as a research infrastructure of strategic interest, it offers unique facilities, including the latest digital technologies, equipment, studios and laboratories, and provides a team of specialised technicians to ensure optimum conditions for the development of advanced research at international level in its areas of activity.

The CCD is the support infrastructure for all of CITAR's R&D activities and projects, and is also closely integrated with the UCP School of Arts. This is good evidence of the strengths and potential of this infrastructure, which, by being closely integrated into a thriving academic, artistic and scientific community, and in good articulation with platforms and entities in the development of applied research, consultancy and knowledge transfer (e.g. MAAT Museum, MMIPO Museum, F. Serralves, F. Gulbenkian, ICA, Film, Sound and Animation Producers, etc.), enables the sustainable growth of high-level research projects, as well as technologically advanced cultural and creative industries and initiatives.