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Our planned activities for the 2020-2023 cycle reinforce our commitment to artistic research given the urgency of an informed discourse about the relevance of art to current debates and practices. We organize our contributions in 6 major interdisciplinary inquiries:

  • Artistic Gest(ure): to better understand why gesture is a crucial human element in expression, embodiment, sense and empathy induction.
  • The Present in our Past: to better understand how our evolving present(ist) condition influences our renewed visions and hearings of past artistic achievements.
  • Practices in Contemporary Creation: to foster mechanisms of art creation through a better understanding of narrative strategies, and the functioning of intuition.
  • Sustainable Conservation: to develop methodologies and digital applications in response to the challenges of geriatric and gentrification culture consumption, tourism, and climate change.
  • Audience Development and Diversity: to study the conditions and foster the opportunities for audience development through artistic “encounters” as a research agenda.
  • Preservation of Digital Art: to contribute in the launching of a field-shaping incubator for this emerging area.


The overall strategic plan grounding our contributions and outputs aims to target and consistently secure our visibility at the international level as a reference center for science and technology of the arts dedicated to interdisciplinary, art-based theory and practice research. Specifically, we plan:

  1. To more vigorously stimulate our national and international networks and partnerships.
  2. To devote leadership and participation efforts in projects, publications, and other outputs of international scope and impact.
  3. To promote actions of outgoing and incoming academic staff and research mobility.
  4. To reinforce our advanced training programs in articulation with the School of the Arts.
  5. To improve the channeling of our technology and knowledge transfer activities.
  6. To promote initiatives dedicated to foster communication and cultural impact of research dissemination to non-scientific communities.
  7. To organize a number of venues, which build on our national and international networks.
  8. To foster artistic creation as research, by developing a vigorous incoming policy of scientific and artistic revitalization.