School of Arts students integrate Serralves em Festa program

Friday, May 26, 2023 - 17:17
Installation image with screen and columns

The students of School of Arts Maria Miguel Pratas and Miguel Ribeiro from the third year of the Degree in Sound and Image, Ricardo M. Vieira, from the Master in Sound and Image, and Benjamim Gomes, from the Master in Cinema, were selected to participate in the 17th edition of Serralves em Festa.

June marks the beginning of the party that celebrates Serralves as an inclusive space of art and culture, with hundreds of events of music, dance, theater, performance and contemporary circus, exhibitions in the Museum, cinema, video, photography and countless workshops. The program includes the presentation of works by students from the School of Arts, which can be seen from July 2nd to 4th.

During the event, the largest festival of contemporary artistic expression in Portugal and one of the largest in Europe, visitors can enjoy "Low Intersection od Benign Machines", by Maria Miguel Pratas and Miguel Ribeiro, "Panóptico. Reprovable Person-Tower" by Ricardo M. Vieira, "Magnetic Vortex or Ghostly Folding Mechanism" by Benjamim Gomes, mandatory stops for those who appreciate contemporary art.

Presentations: June 3 - 2pm and 7pm
Location: Casa de Serralves, 2nd floor

Installation and performance, composed of an audio system of auscultation of 7 ceramic pieces. Through a synergy between this grouping of sound machinery, with the delicacy of the ceramic elements, LOW INTERSECTION OF BENIGN MACHINES presents a series of objects - set on a white velvet mantle - that are heard and amplified by several contact microphones. In its performance format, through the direct contact of the performer with the pieces, the ceramic reactions are amplified and transposed to a universe of echoes and reverberations.

Performances: June 2 and 3 - 10:30pm
Location: Room 5, Museum

Panopticon. Reprobable Person-Tower. is a sound installation that explores the prison structure designed by Jeremy Bentham. The self-surveillance imposed by uncertainty. Because he thinks he is observed, Tomas observes himself. The cycle repeats itself. Tomas' place is a tower but the hierarchy is lost, the tower moves or is moved, Tomas' function is ambiguous and with each repetition his intention and appearance change.

Magnetic Vortex or Ghostly Fold Mechanism
Presentations: June 2 - 10 pm
Location: Side corridors à la Jane Austen, in the garden in front of the house

"Time is what ends. Time is the limited time experienced by a sentient creature. Sentient of time, that is - making adjustments to time relative to what Korzybski calls neuromuscular intention behavior respectively to the environment as a whole..." - William S. Burroughs.

As a time-indexing device, its capabilities are limited to a finite amount of space over which it pairs images to temporal codes. However, a foreign element disrupts the circuit, a phantom, a Thing, an imperfect double that overcodes the space that the device traverses. Thus, a temporal accident specific to this technical apparatus is created where two different temporalities compete for the same space, the electronic limbo where a temporal chimera coalesces.

The montages take place in the days leading up to the festival and are supported by School of Arts.