School of Arts professor selected for artist residency in USA

Wednesday, April 26, 2023 - 08:12

The Luso American Development Foundation (FLAD) has announced the fellows nominated for the 2023 Artist Residency in the United States of America. Among the artists selected is João Pimenta Gomes, a professor at Escola das Artes.

Graphics with FLAD logo, photo of João Pimenta Gomes and his small text

João Pimenta Gomes is a visual artist and musician with a degree in sound and music production. He is also a guest professor at School of Arts, and in his work he addresses references to music and explores the relationship between space and the body through the manipulation of modular synthesizers, images, and objects, promoting encounters between analog and digital, sensory and conceptual.

As part of his application for a FLAD grant, João Pimenta Gomes' residency in the US will take place at the Experimental Intermedia Foundation NYC. FLAD grants for artist residencies in the United States are intended to support the development and training of artists who are Portuguese nationals or have resided in Portugal for more than five years.

As to his expectations for this artistic residency, the EA professor says, "It will give me the opportunity to be in contact for the first time with the rare Buchla synthesizer and its sound architecture, fundamentally in the thought of the modular synthesizers I use in my work. The FLAD grant opens doors to this imaginary and allows the still young work to be developed with unparalleled freedom. 

On May 18, the "Pisar suavemente sobre a terra" cycle will feature a Dashed Concert by Matéria Simples, a project founded by João Pimenta Gomes, with Pedro Tropa and Teresa Santos - free entrance. More information