PPP porosità, poetica e política · Paulo Catrica

Tuesday, March 19, 2024 - 15:57

PPP porosità, poética e política
Paulo Catrica
Inauguration · 21 MAR · 19h00
Curatorship: Carlos Lobo

The solo exhibition by the photographer Paulo Catrica, at the School of Arts of the Portuguese Catholic University, is part of the annual programme of conferences, concerts, exhibitions and performances Não foi Cabral: revendo silêncios e omissões. PPP porosità, poética e política opens on 21 March at 7.30pm, with free entrance.

Paulo Catrica - FTG

Taking the artist's interest in images of everyday life, landscape, architecture and banality as a starting point, the exhibition aims to consider the Sicilian landscape as a memory and fragment of a world in transformation, dominated by ruins.

School of Arts Exhibition Room
21 MAR- 18 APR 2024
2pm to 7pm - Free entry

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