Mark Mangini · Post-Production as Creation in Cinema

Friday, May 10, 2024 - 16:41

Seminar · Post-Production as Creation in Cinema

APRIL - JUNE, 2024
School of Arts Universidade Católica Portuguesa

Mark Mangini 
May 17, 18h00
Ilídio Pinho Auditorium

Mark Mangini is one of the most renowned sound designers in cinema. He has won two Academy Awards (Dune, Mad Max Fury Road) and has been nominated on six other occasions for films such as Blade Runner 2049, Star Treks I, IV and V, The Fifth Element and Gremlins. In his 45-year career in Hollywood, where he has worked on more than 150 films, Mangini has developed an immersive, orchestral approach to the sonic universe of each work. Mangini is frequently invited to lectures and conferences, and is also a fervent advocate of sound as art and guitarist/composer on films such as "Sex, Lies and Videotape", "Star Trek IV", "Picard" and others. He is a member of AMPAS, MPSE, SAG, SMPTE and ASCAP. Mark founded and ran Weddington Productions, a successful sound post-production company in Hollywood, for 25 years. Today he works at Formosa Group in Hollywood, California, continuing his work as Supervising Sound Editor, Sound Designer and Re-recording mixer.  

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