Expurgar Papel - Carla Filipe

Wednesday, February 7, 2024 - 18:01

Expurgar papel
Carla Filipe

Opening - 16 FEB - 19h30
Curator: Nuno Crespo

We are preparing the next exhibition at the Escola das Artes, which is part of the annual program of conferences, concerts, exhibitions and performances Não foi Cabral: revisendo silêncios e omissões.

Carla filipe

The exhibition by the portuguese artist Carla Filipe is opening on February 16 at 7:30pm, with free admission and a special program.

"Expurgating paper" is the title of the exhibition by artist Carla Filipe, which brings together a series of new creations and continues the series "Chewing chewed paper, the desire to understand the old continent in order to spit out its history", which began in 2014 in Antwerp.

Starting with documentation from the 17th to the 20th century, acquired from second-hand bookshops and markets, the artist cuts and sews, chews and spits, archiving all the documentation in new and fragile collages suspended over the space where the sphere of news and thought surrounding European colonialism is inevitably incident.

The exhibition and the treatment of the objects were designed and developed in the Conservation and Restoration department of the School of Arts of the Portuguese Catholic University, under the supervision of Joana Teixeira.

As part of the exhibition program, there will be an Artist Talk:

Monday, March 11 - 16h00
Artist Talk at SoA
Carla Filipe, Nuno Crespo and Joana Teixeira


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