Sound and Image Research

3 ECTS / Semester / English, Portuguese

By the end of the curricular unit, students should be able to:

a) Understand the scientific objectives of a research project in Sound and Image, differentiating the categories: Research on/for/through art.
b) Know the different components of Research Design: research philosophies (world views), research methods (qualitative, quantitative or mix); and research tools (surveys, experiments, interviews, etc.).
c) Know how to distinguish and use different types of research Inputs.
d) Extract critical information from a document for research purposes.
e) Know how to distinguish and create different types of research outputs.
f) Identify the components and procedures to follow in writing or drafting a research disclosure document.
g) Master oral expression in congresses or conferences.
i)Know the various aspects of the Master in Sound and Image and refine the subject of the dissertation / project / internship from several vectors, researching sources and appropriate literature.


Invited Assistant Professor
PhD in Art History, specialising in Art Theory from FCSH-NOVA Visiting Assistant Professor at the UCP School of Arts Publications…