Project Management and Business Plan

8 ECTS / Semestral / English, Portuguese

Global objectives:
This curricular unit aims to acquaint students with options for the development of a business activity in “creative industries” and respective implications, such as development of a business case (compact and simplified business plan) and project management tools in this sector. The students will understand the need and the ways to get to know the Clients and the Market and the competitiveness business factors.

Specific objectives/ Skills to be acquired:
a) Recognize the Project’s specificity in the different sectors of Creative Industries;
b) Understand and acquire analytical skills in designing a project management model;
c) Understanding the specificity of the creativity in a project in business context;
d) Identify fundamental characteristics which characterize a creative project;
e) Know planning and organization tools focused in management;
f) Understand the structure and stages of development of a Business Plan;
g) Understand the relationship between Market/Clients and available resources;
h) Ability to write a business case in a consolidated area of expertise;
i) Acquire critical abilities to the success of a business.


Assistant Professor
Coordination of Citar's participation in the CHIC project - Cooperative Holistic view on Internet and Content, POCI-01-0247-FEDER-024498, 2017-2020