Project Lab III

14 ECTS / Semestral / English, Portuguese

In the CU Project III, students will develop theoretical-practical skills related to the production of a documentary. At the end of the CU, it is intended that students are able to idealize, research and materialize resources that allow them to express through the documentary format a cinematic perspective on a certain subject or content.

Therefore, at the end of Project III students should be able to:

Module 1: Research and Pre-Production for Documentary
a) Understand, master and apply different modes of research, expression and documentary directing.
b) Understand differences, intersections and dialogues between fiction and documentary.

Module 2: Image and Sound Capture for Documentary
c) Master image and sound capture in non-controllable environments.

Module 3: Film Directing and Montage for Documentary
d) Develop autonomously a documentary project, from writing, research and pre-production to audiovisual capture and directing.
e) Develop a point of view about reality.


Assistant Professor
Research projects Photography as a subjective practice. Photography and landscape: new modes of visual representation…