Project / Dissertation / Internship

60 ECTS / Anual / English, Portuguese

In the second year of the Master in Sound and Image, there are three possible ways of completing the training course: 1) own-authorship project, 2) professional internship, or 3) scientific dissertation. Being an annual course, in this CU and in any of the courses the student must demonstrate autonomy, responsibility and professional identity/maturity.

In the Project option, the master's student must be able to produce an artistic/audiovisual work of high authorial and cultural value (objective A), demonstrating mastery of speech and the process of audiovisual production and digital arts. (objective B).

In the Professional Internship option, the Master's student must be capable of a harmonious and fruitful insertion in the labor market (objective A), demonstrating skills and knowledge that contribute to the objectives/projects of the host institution (objective B).

In the Scientific Dissertation option, the Master's student must be able to develop a work of high reflexive/methodological competence (objective A), showing scientific knowledge and rigor (objective B) and a solid, grounded and original individual perspective (objective C).