4 ECTS / Semestral / English, Portuguese

Photography, in its short history, has conquered its own territory in contemporary art. Thus, we considered being fundamental its framing in the field of visual arts and cinema, fostering a wider knowledge of the artistic practice. 

After completing the CU, the student will have acquired the following skills:

a) Know the most important moments in the history of photography.

b) Implement working methods and thinking processes through images.

c) Carry out a photographic project related to contemporary problems.

d) Reflect critically on artistic creation from a technical, aesthetic and conceptual point of view.

e) Master and apply techniques, languages and terminologies inherent to photography.

f) Foster an articulated discourse in the different areas of visual arts and cinema.


Invited Assistant Professor
Projetos de investigação Imagem vida: Sobre a autonomia da fotografia, da visão neutra ao gesto artístico A…