Film Direction Theory

4 ECTS / Semestral / English, Portuguese

This CU will address a wide range of theoretical and historical notions about how to make a film, both from a specific point of view (analysis of important directors in the History of Cinema) and from a procedural point of view (methodologies and work strategies that a filmmaker may apply in the exercise of his or her function).

At the end of the curricular unit, students are expected to:

a) understand the role of the director in the context of a film shoot;
b) position oneself as directors in the dialogue with reality and in the affinities / proximities with certain styles of filmmaking;
c) understand and apply strategies of autonomous cinematographic directing in dialogue with the various areas of film production;
d) understanding film directing from the development of an idea to the post-production of the film.


Invited Teaching Assistant
Diogo Costa Amarante was born in Portugal, (1982). He studied Documentary Film and Cinematography at the Catalonian Film School and finished a Master of Fine…