Collections and Art market

2 ECTS / Semestral / English, Portuguese


  • Have a general knowledge of the theme of the collections and their historical evolution;
  • Know the importance of collecting in the study of art history, with particular importance in the decorative arts, painting and sculpture;
  •   Have an understanding of the main criteria and fundamentals of art collecting;
  • Know the importance of collections in the preservation, inventory and dissemination of art objects;
  •   Be able to adapt conservation and restoration acts to the needs of collections and collectors;
  •   Have knowledge of the problems of a museum and its historical and current importance;
  •   Have a general knowledge of the art market in its various aspects and know the main trends in art collecting today;
  •   Have an awareness of the importance of the main agents in the art market;
  •   Be able to adapt conservation and restoration acts to the needs of art market agents;
  •   It aims to reflect on the meaning of collecting and the motivations that contribute to the formation of an art collection, throughout history;
  •   Furthermore, we seek to provide the knowledge and documentation necessary to understand the functioning of the art market and artistic promotion as practical aspects that affect the formation and management of an art collection;
  •   It also aims to analyze the importance of art in society through collections and its connection with museology;
  •   The study of art collecting through time is also a goal to be pursued in this course, as well as the identification of important art collections in Portugal and the world.


Assistant Professor
Research projects Cinema, Heritage and Memory (CIPAM) Complete Works of Guerra Junqueiro (21 vol.)