Authors II

4 ECTS / Semestral / English, Portuguese
This CU is articulated with Authors I and both have a particularity: its contents can change every year, promoting a dynamic of diverse presentation of authors or themes relevant or disruptive of the cinema. Authors I will be dedicated to individual authors; and Authors II will be dedicated to movements, genres, national cinemas or other types of thematic organization.

It is intended to promote in students the following knowledge and skills:

a) Identification of the tendencies (aesthetic, creative, contextual, etc.) associated with the film expression on certain subjects (e.g., violence, love, etc.), genres (e.g., melodrama, film noir, etc.), specific geographies (e.g., Nordic cinema, new Latin American cinema, etc.) or others;

b) Knowledge of renowned authors, whose cinematographic expression is innovative in the artistic expression of certain themes, genres, specific geographies or others;

c) Understanding the main contributions of theoretical authors that reflect on the referred genres, themes, geographies or others;

d) Relation between the work of the referred artists and the reflections on Cinema originated by theoretical authors.

e) Analysis of the impact of selected authors’ film practice in the cinematographic and artistic production, of their time and in the contemporary period.