Art History III

4 ECTS / Semestral / English, Portuguese

This course aims to study the historical, cultural and artistic processes of art history from the Renaissance to the Baroque.
from the Renaissance to the Baroque, in the various expressions of Art throughout this chronological period.
1. Acquisition of knowledge of art history and history, identification of styles and schools, techniques and materials, mastering the artistic currents and brands of the time;
2. Acquisition of techniques and methodologies for organising information and systematising knowledge;
3. Mastery of terminology and writing methodologies in the History of Art and Culture for the chronological period in question;
4. Knowledge of mechanisms and instruments for describing, analysing and interpreting art from the Renaissance to the Baroque;
5. Mastering the different expressions of the arts in this periodisation.

Students should be able to identify an artistic period/current in material and visual culture, as well as write about and explain it.


Invited Assistant Professor
PhD in Art History, specialising in Art Theory from FCSH-NOVA Visiting Assistant Professor at the UCP School of Arts Publications…