Master's Degree

Applications 24-25:

  • 1st phase: 19 February to 18 April
  • 2nd stage: 13 May to 27 June*
  • 3rd phase: Vacancies remaining until 16th September*

*The call for applications for the 2nd and 3rd phases depends on the number of vacancies left over from the previous phase.

The Master in Photography is structured in theoretical and practical modules and is intended for all those who wish to acquire professional and artistic skills, as well as the ability to critically reflect in the context of contemporary visual arts.

Faculty is characterized by a vast professional and artistic experience, allowing the development of this course in contact with the main agents of contemporary photography in Portugal. The research dimension includes writing a dissertation, carrying out an exhibition project and creating an artistic portfolio.*

* professional internships may be considered according to individual study plans


Thumb Trabalhos de Carlos Lobo em exposição em Galeria de Arte no Porto


a. Characteristics

Proximity to the School's intense cultural program:

b. Main Objectives

Acquisition and development of skills, such as:

  •      Mastery of photographic techniques from lighting, treatment, image editing and printing
  •      Production of photographic series and elaboration of an artistic portfolio
  •      Realization of an exhibition project
  •      Design and publication of an author/monograph book
  •      Theoretical-practical investigation into currents of contemporary photography

Professional/artistic portfolio development in:

  •      Practical Project in Photography
  •      Research and development of Dissertation in Photography

c. Professional Outlets

  • Artistic practice
  • Commercial Photography services: capturing and editing

d. Schedule a Visit

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e. Scholarships and Social Support

Financial support applications are individually analyzed, according to the applicants' specific situation


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