Visual Narratives and Intermediality

5 ECTS / 2º Semestre / English, Portuguese

This course aims to work the vast and extraordinarily rich field of relations between visual narrative disciplines among themselves and with the other arts, contributing to the insertion of animation and comic book studies in the
Comparative and intermedial scientific discourse that characterizes the contemporary avant-garde of artistic and cultural studies.

Module “Comics and Intermediality”

  1. Relations with sound
  2. Relations with literature
  3. Relations with cinema
  4. Derived products
  5. Computer and board games

Module “Visual Narratives and Cultural Contexts in Animation”

  1. 1. Presentation of the Curricular Unit and assessment methods. The power of animation as a visual language.
  2. What do pictures want?
  3. (In)visibility of narratives
  4. Introduction to the animation industry of the Soviet Union
  5. Experimental and expanded animation across platforms
  6. Animation and Feminism
  7. Debate session