Animation Atelier II

12 ECTS / 2º Semestre / English, Portuguese

This is the second module of two UCs in which students will learn the processes and techniques in developing an Animation project.

In this CU, it is intended that the project will serve for students to create in a more specialized way, based on the knowledge acquired in the CU of Animation Project I (which takes precedence over the CU of Animation Project II).

At first, students will carry out a Proof of Concept that will serve to individually explore their aesthetic languages ​​and technical possibilities of animation. This project is not intended to have a closed character, but rather to seek and clarify individual skills.

The project whose production started in the previous semester will be resumed as a second project.

This (these) project(s) may be carried out in a group, contemplating the artistic and technical skills of each individual student.

The evaluation is also based on the presentation of Sketchbooks and other auxiliary material, which should illustrate the creation process underlying the project.


Invited Teaching Assistant
Projetos de investigação Realismo na animação por computador e o vale da estranheza (uncanny valley)