I Graduate Conference on Science and Technology of the Arts
December 9,10 and 11th 2021 · Porto, Portugal

Keynotes and Artist talk
Doug Bailey
Marc Leman
Sasha Litvintseva & Beny Wagner

Our relationship with the body and the material world has been transforming following processes of digitalization that were in motion before COVID-19 but, as consequence, were potentially accelerated. It is urgent to foster research on what is the place for physicality and (i)materiality in our time. In this context, the 1st Graduate Conference on Science and Technology of the Arts will focus on the intertwinement of notions of motion and emotion through interdisciplinary approaches from and towards the arts and/or heritage. Please see below detailed descriptions of these fields.

Contributions from the fields of Artistic Practices (Cinema, New Media Art, Digital Art, Music and Sound in particular), Artistic Studies and Cultural Studies, Heritage Studies and Conservation and Restoration are welcome, in multiple formats: papers, performances, artworks and installations, posters, audio-visual and digital essays. 

Please, see full list of conference topics/themes, here.

A nossa relação com o corpo e o mundo material tem vindo a transformar-se, respondendo a um processo gradual de digitalização, em larga medida potenciado pela pandemia COVID-19. Entendendo-se a urgência de refletir sobre o lugar da fisicalidade e da (i)materialidade no nosso tempo, encoraja-se o envio de propostas que explorem conceitos como o de movimento e de emoção, partindo de abordagens interdisciplinares de e para as artes e/ou património.
Contribuições de artistas (particularmente nos domínios do Cinema, New Media Art, Arte Digital, Música e Artes Sonoras) e de investigadores nos domínios dos Estudos Artísticos, Estudos de Património e Estudos Culturais, serão bem-vindas, nos seguintes formatos: artigos, posters, ensaios audiovisuais,  ensaios digitais, performances ou criações/instalações artísticas. 

Disclaimer: Due to COVID-19 pandemic, this event may take a hybrid format. Any changes to the program will be communicated by the event's Organizing Committee in due course, according to the evolution of the global pandemic situation.