Novo número do JSTA: Vol 14 No 1

Sexta-feira, Junho 3, 2022 - 00:00

Já está disponível o novo número do JSTA – Journal of Science and Technology of the Arts, o Vol. 14 Nº1 de 2022. 

jsta 2

"The first issue of 2022 opens the potentiality of this journal to become interdisciplinary and to research within the cross fields of art and technology (although we always know that there is no art research without the technological means to produce it). Nevertheless, we want to highlight how this issue comes from the openness of the field, including, in the Articles sections, three texts that try to understand different domains of this relation, namely: virtual reality, glitch art, and artificial intelligence."

O novo número está disponível aqui.

Aproveitamos para lembrar que há dois calls em aberto para o próximo número do JSTA:
– Photographs post-truths: private poetics vs political claims? June 17, 2022
– Open Call for audiovisual essay submissions (always open)

Mais informação aqui.


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