CITAR Training Workshops 2020-21 · References Management

20.01.2021 15:00

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20.01.2021 15:00 CITAR Training Workshops 2020-21 · References Management Link: https:///pt/central-eventos/citar-training-workshops-2020-21-references-management

Como Chegar / How to Arrive
Universidade Católica Portuguesa - Porto


CITAR Training Workshops 2020-2021
References Management
20 JAN · 15H –16H30
Mendeley Reference Manager
References management is a key process to simplify your workflow, when writing an article, a PhD or while you are developing your research. During this workshop you will get to know how to store, organize and search all your references from just one library, Mendeley, which is a free web and desktop reference management application. It enables you to insert references and bibliographies into your Microsoft® Word documents in a simple and efficient way. You can also read, highlight and annotate PDFs.
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Access: Zoom meeting link available here.
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Organization: UCP Library – CITAR