Vincent Moon



17 JUN · 18H30 · Vincent Moon
Towards Non-Duality / Remix Culture, Sonic Cinema and Appropriations in the Cosmic Realm


Moderator · Pedro Alves

A visual and musical experience guided by Mathieu ‘Vincent Moon’ Saura merging words about our merging realms of reality, an improvised live cinema experience, and an exploration of planetary modified states of consciousness though his own documentaries on rituals and bodies, from the Petites Planètes collection. A rare performance created specifically for the School of Arts — UCP.


Presentation (ENG)

The combination of cinema and music in Vincent Moon’s work moves away from representation as an enclosure of figures and events through their audiovisual capturing or recording. On the contrary, it reinforces the openness that this audiovisual representation offers to the understanding of reality in all its diversity and complexity. As opposition to the simplification of reality often encouraged by mass media, as well as moving away from a dual understanding of our world, Moon’s films are visual and sound experiences that open up to a deconstruction of reality and human beings, a return to our cosmic origins and our integration into the world. They are offered as (audiovisual) rituals, that seed the encounter and connection between people, communities and nature itself. His ethnographic and experimental approach summons the image to meanings that range from the existential to the political, always with an emphasis on revealing the invisible as a field of unity and diversity between beings and contexts. Its nomadic cinema, outside of fixed structures or methodologies and independent of commercial or institutional impositions, allows a physical and spiritual approach to different places and people, discovering and questioning music, sound and rituals as exercises for sharing, belonging and catharsis. And it is precisely this idea of ritual and sharing – of energies, sensations and understandings – that frame the experience proposed by Vincent Moon for this session at the School of Arts, as a trance movement around the “petites planètes” that are his films, our minds and reality.

Pedro Alves


Mathieu Moon Saura, otherwise known as ‘Vincent Moon’, is an independent filmmaker and sound explorer from Paris. Since 2009 he has been traveling the world making ethnographic-experimental films, recording traditional and sacred music, filming religious and shamanic rituals under the label Petites Planètes. His work now explores transcendent states using images and sounds, as well as the ritualistic aspects of societies and communities. Moon rose to prominence in the mid 2000s as the main director of La Blogothèque’s Take Away Shows. The web based project of recording musicians and bands performing their work in unexpected locations led Moon to be dubbed ‘the re-inventor of the music video’ by the New York Times. Throughout his career, he has been strongly connected to musicians from all backgrounds and walks of life. He has documented everything from stadium rock music to a capella village songs, from experimentations in electronics to trance rituals. He makes all his work - films and sound recordings - accessible to everybody on the internet, under open source licenses.