Tarek Atoui


27 MAY · 18H30 · Tarek Atoui

Layering and Stratification

Moderator · Nuno Crespo

Thoughout this year, Tarek Atoui is engaging in a series of talks through different platforms on which he shares his tools, work methods, and approachof sound with a variety of audiences: children, university students, cultural workers, asylum seekers.

The course at the School of Arts — UCP will be a walk through one of these chapters: how to amplify sound, how to listen to matter and record it, how to use daily life objects, experimental or classical instruments in such approches and experimentation.


Tarek Atoui (1980, Beirut, Lebanon) is an artist and composer who works within the medium of sound. His works are informed by extensive research into music history and tradition, that come to life in performances that explore new methods of collaboration and production. At the center of his work there is an ongoing reflection between the individual and the general and the open and dynamic nature of live performance. Atoui’s usage of sound challenges our established ways of understanding and expands our ways of experiencing this medium. His project WITHIN, departs from Deaf Culture to find new ideas for building instruments, composing, and performing. In The Reverse Collection, instruments of unknown age and origin in an anthropology museum are played and recorded than transformed into a new collection of instruments that are made from exclusively listening to these recordings. Tarek Atoui currently lives and works in Paris, France.