Cláudia Martinho


25 MAR · 18H30 · Cláudia Martinho
Resonant Environments – Architecture, Places, Ecosystems

Moderator · Vasco Carvalho

In my practice, I have been researching and experimenting with the potential for psycho-sensory transformation in environmental sound, particularly when amplified by geometric spatialisation, in acoustic resonance with architecture. In this open lecture, I will present projects of immersive sound installations that seek to modulate environments and expand the perception of places and ecosystems. The creative processes involve multi-channel location recordings and the transduction of the intangible into embodied sound experiences.

These experiments result in ways of sensibilisation to active and extended listening modes, for sensory attunement and reconnection of human beings with their surroundings.

Cláudia Martinho is a researcher, architect and sound artist. She holds a PhD in Music - Sonic Arts (Goldsmiths, University of London), a Master of Science and Technology in Urban and Architectural Acoustics (Sorbonne Université) and a degree in Architecture (University of Porto). She is currently engaged as a researcher with the project “Audire: saving sonic-based memories”, ICS-CECS, University of Minho. Her practice embraces sound art, aural architecture, ecoacoustics, archaeoacoustics and animism. She is interested in spatial, sonic and musical creation as a transformative tool and action. Her experiments include sound installations, performances and workshops, as incentives to active and conscious listening modes, for the integral development of human beings. Her work has been shared in artistic and academic contexts such as ‘maat – museum of art, architecture and technology’ (Lisbon), ‘Noite Branca Braga’, gnration (Braga) ‘Invisible Places: Sound, Urbanism and Sense of Place’ symposium (Azores), ‘Lisboa Soa – sound art, urbanism and auditory culture’ (Lisbon), ‘Archaeoacoustics III International Conference’ (Tomar), ‘Tuned City – between sound and space speculations’ (Berlin). She is co-editor of the anthology ‘Site of Sound: of Architecture and the Ear – Vol. 2’. As a founding member of the collective Rural Vivo, she has been inciting artistic, educational and ecological activities in Serra do Gerês, an UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.