Nuno Camarneiro

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Coordenador da Pós-Graduação em Estudo e Documentação de Arte Contemporânea

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Artigos em conferências

  • Nuno Camarneiro. 2019. "El impacto del plástico de burbujas sobre capas filmógenas mordientes: análisis material e intervención / The impact of bubble plastic on filmogenic layers: material analysis and intervention". In Conservación de Arte Contemporáneo: Conservación de Arte Contemporáneo 20ª Jornada, MAdrid, Espanha. (No prelo)
  • Freitas, D.S.A.P.; Curado da Silva, R.M.; Mendes, N.F.C.; Conde, C.A.N.. 2005. "Dual-Cathode CsI Covered Microstrip Plate as VUV High Efficiency Photosensor". IEEE.10.1109/nssmic.2005.1596552
  • Mendes, N.F.C.; Curado da Silva, R.M.; Castanheira, M.T.D.; Veloso, J.F.C.A.; Freitas, D.S.A.P.; Conde, C.A.N.; Fei Wei; Huaan Lin. 2005. "Large Area and High-Pressure GPSC/MSGC for Space Solar X-Ray Spectrometry". IEEE.10.1109/nssmic.2005.1596294

Artigos em revistas

  • Nuno Camarneiro; valentim, Jorge Vicente. 2019. "Literature is the space where we can give the voice to the other, where we can put ourselves in doubt". MODERNA SPRAK 113 (1): 164-170. Publicado
  • Nuno Camarneiro. 2013. "Nephelibates". NOUVELLE REVUE FRANCAISE 603: 310-315. Publicado
  • Ali, Hassan Refat H.; Alhalaweh, Amjad; Mendes, N. F.C.; Ribeiro-Claro, Paulo; Velaga, Sitaram P.. 2012. "Solid-state vibrational spectroscopic investigation of cocrystals and salt of indomethacin". CrystEngComm 14 (20): 6665.
  • Zoppi, A.; Lofrumento, C.; Mendes, N. F. C.; Castellucci, E. M.. 2010. "Metal oxalates in paints: a Raman investigation on the relative reactivities of different pigments to oxalic acid solutions". Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 397 (2): 841-849.
  • Benquerença, Maria-João; Mendes, N. F. C.; Castellucci, E.; Gaspar, Ví­tor M. F.; Gil, Francisco P. S. C.. 2009. "Micro-Raman spectroscopy analysis of 16th century Portuguese Ferreirim Masters oil paintings". Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 40 (12): 2135-2143.
  • Osticioli, I.; Mendes, N. F. C.; Nevin, A.; Zoppi, A.; Lofrumento, C.; Becucci, M.; Castellucci, E. M.. 2009. "A new compact instrument for Raman, laser-induced breakdown, and laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy of works of art and their constituent materials". Review of Scientific Instruments 80 (7): 076109.
  • Mendes, N.F.C.; Osticioli, I.; Striova, J.; Sansonetti, A.; Becucci, M.; Castellucci, E.. 2009. "Versatile pulsed laser setup for depth profiling analysis of multilayered samples in the field of cultural heritage". Journal of Molecular Structure 924-926: 420-426.
  • Osticioli, I.; Mendes, N. F. C.; Porcinai, S.; Cagnini, A.; Castellucci, E.. 2009. "Spectroscopic analysis of works of art using a single LIBS and pulsed Raman setup". Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 394 (4): 1033-1041.
  • Mendes, Nuno; Lofrumento, C.; Migliori, A.; Castellucci, E. M.. 2008. "Micro-Raman and particle-induced X-ray emission spectroscopy for the study of pigments and degradation products present in 17th century coloured maps". Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 39 (2): 289-294.
  • Natal da Luz, H.; Veloso, J.F.C.A.; Mendes, N.F.C.; dos Santos, J.M.F.; Mir, J.A.. 2007. "MHSP with position detection capability". Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment 573 (1-2): 191-194.

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