Centro de Criatividade Digital


CCD's audio recording and post-production facilities include state-of-the-art sound recording and surround mixing equipment and studios, allowing to offer advanced services in the areas of: music, dialogue and exterior sound recording; sound design for cinema, animation, TV, Web and computer games; mixing, editing and post-production of music, sound for cinema, animation, TV, Web and computer games.


Digital Vídeo

The CCD is equipped with state-of-the-art digital cinema cameras and lighting equipment for exterior and studio recording, as well as a TV studio which includes a chroma-keying wall. In addition, it also provides production cells equipped with industry standard software for video editing and post-production. This allows to offer a range of advanced services that go from TV studio/chroma-key session booking, to the access to cameras and lighting systems, and the use of post-production cells.


Media Digital

The CCD offers consulting services for Digital and Interactive Arts projects. These services usually involve CCD researchers and technicians, any necessary facilities and equipment, as well as any required custom hardware and software development, depending on the specificities of each project (that may range from interactive installations, computer games, serious games, virtual scenography, video mapping, physical and mobile computing, augmented and virtual reality, web art, etc.).

Motion Capture

The CCD has one of the few state-of-the-art MoCap systems available in the country, an infrastructure that is essential for many computer animation, game design, interactive art, interface design and gesture analysis projects. The CCD offers a booking service for its MoCap lab, including include any required technical support and supervision, to students, researchers, artists, companies and other R&D centers and universities, who need to conduct MoCap sessions in the scope of their projects.


Conservation of New Media Art

Digital Art works (e.g. video Art, computer Music, digital photos, Digital Art, etc.) are already facing the challenges of time, due to the fact of their supporting technologies tend to become obsolete over time, making their visualization, exhibition and archive difficult challenges. The CCD, with its current infrastructure and expertise, offers such specialized digital preservation and restoration services.



All services provided by the CCD should follow established market tariffs, in order to observe market and competition laws. All service revenues will be primarily used to support operating expenses, and equipment maintenance and upgrades. Furthermore, the CCD offers specialized services, which by their own advanced and highly experimental nature, are not easily available as mainstream commercial offers in the region or in the country.